Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Stand Out

A website is a necessity for real estate marketing. Today, consumers expect businesses to have websites. A bad website is worse than none at all. Here are some tips to help your website promote your real estate business 24/7.

Impressive Homepage

75% admit that they judge the credibility of an organization based on their website design. Your homepage needs to be well-designed because first impressions are important. This includes vibrant images, an obvious call to action, and an intuitive menu.

Create amazing listings

Consumers today like to do their research online before making a major purchase, including home purchases. Even though I have only rented a home, I still use Google Maps and Street View to get an idea of the neighborhood, check out the photos, and take a virtual walk through the house.

List the hot spots nearby and their respective walking distances (mention the bus stop that’s just a five-minute walk or Starbucks at the end of a block). List nearby hotspots and their walking distances. (For example, mention the Starbucks that is just at the end of the bus stop within a 5-minute walk.)

Photographer to Hire

You must have stunning photos of your property. It’s important to choose the right angle or time of day. You can either hire a professional (preferably one who has experience in photographing architecture and homes) or do it yourself if you are confident and have the right equipment. Remember that this is a situation where it’s best to hire a professional.

Lead magnets

Lead generation is all about offering your audience something for which they will be willing to give up their contact details. You could create a Lead Magnet like “X Common Mistakes that New Homeowners Make” or “X Things to Consider When Buying a New House.”

Focus on User Experience

The best property pages won’t matter if your site is difficult to navigate. Take the time to learn about information architecture and user experience design. Your website visitors will appreciate a great experience.

Do your SEO

If no one can find your website, it’s not worth anything! Search engine optimization is a collection of practices that all work together to help your website rank highly in search engines. This includes:

On-page SEO: Include the keywords that you are targeting for each page within the page title, metadata and image file names, alt text, and body text.

Offpage SEO: Get links to other sites with High Domain Authority that are similar to yours. Our audit checklist can help with this and on-page SEO.

Technical Search Engine Optimization: Making Your Site Fast, Secure, and Responsive. Use our technical SEO checklist to do this.

What is the strength of your website? Instantly assess your website’s SEO with the LocaliQ Web Grader.

Social media marketing for real estate

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your real estate business. Here are some tips on how to use these channels to promote your real estate business.

Socialize yourself

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the social media platforms most commonly used for real estate marketing. Fill out all the fields when creating your account so that users can find you.

Use the right hashtags.

Our guide will help you choose the best mix of hashtags for your Instagram or Twitter posts. These hashtags will help you get discovered by the right people.

Local hashtags: #[city]realestate #[city]realtor #[city]realestatebroker #[city]living #[city]homes #thingstodoin[city]

Topical hashtags #realestatetips

Use broad hashtags: “realtorsofinstagram,” #luxuryhomes, #newhomes


Social media offers real estate businesses a variety of opportunities to engage followers, build audiences, and strengthen relationships. Here are a few ideas for real estate social media marketing.

You can use Facebook or Instagram Live to host home tours and answer questions.

Provide bite-sized real estate tips

Share relevant news to your niche and community.

Posting your new listings is a must.

Join relevant Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups

Add social sharing buttons to your property pages

Add social sharing buttons to make it easier for home shoppers to share their best housing photos with family and friends.

Run social ads

If you want to attract new clients, regular Facebook marketing will not work. While it may have the lowest organic reach, its paid ads are unmatched. You can target thirty-something singles who own pets and work from home. You can also target LGBTQ couples who are looking to purchase a condo. You can get inspiration from our real-estate Instagram ad example or real-estate Facebook ad example.

Are you already running Facebook ads? Check out our Free Facebook ad performance grader and make sure that your budget is not wasted.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest marketing still has a place in some industries, including real estate. Boards can be a great tool for providing images and details about specific listings. Create a Pinterest Board for a particular property. This board can consist of photos of the property and highlight features and benefits in the surrounding area.

Local real estate marketing ideas

Two of the three pillars that make up your real estate marketing plan are your website and social media profile. Listings and local marketing are the third pillar. If you want to learn more about local marketing, the best place to start is Local Marketing 101 from LOCALiQ Marketing Lab. For some quick tips, continue reading.

Local sponsorships

Sponsoring local events, such as festivals, sports teams, or school activities, is a great way to get involved. As a local sponsor, you can get your company name on t-shirts or pamphlets.

Local content for your website

You’re not selling just a home but a town or an area. Display the best of your locality with beautiful, high-quality photos.

Make sure to include local keywords in your copy so that buyers searching online for houses in your area can find your content.

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