Why Is Commercial Gutter Cleaning Necessary

Gutters were designed for one purpose: to transport water to the sewer safely. Roof damage is the most common issue caused by blocked drains, particularly during periods of intermittent rain. The obstructions in gutters prevent the water from flowing down, causing surface water to weigh heavily on the roof. This can cause leaks and damage faster than you think. Even if water does find its way down from the roof, it will still cascade down the building, away from drains, and cause damage. The grimy water will cause a slip-and-fall hazard on the ground, which could lead to legal action. Standing water on the roof or walls can encourage mold growth. A moldy roof will cost more to fix than Industrial Gutter Cleaning.

As the temperatures begin to drop and the weather becomes unfavorable, wildlife in the area starts to search for a new place to live to survive the winter. Rats, mice, birds, and hedgehogs all seek out quiet, warm, and sheltered places to live. The gutters are a perfect home for pests. Once they have established themselves in the gutters with leaves, sticks, and twigs, the interior of the building is within reach. Flying pests such as bees and isps also look for a place to nest over the winter. Forgotten gutters are often high on their list.

Blockage of gutters can also cause foundation damage, which is often overlooked. A heavy industrial gutter full of damp and dense foliage can cause serious damage to the exterior structure of your home. Fallen guttering is also common in gutters that are not cleaned regularly by professionals. The constant dampness of the gutters can also allow water to enter the building’s internal structure, causing cracks and erosion.

Accessibility Issues

The most common cause of workplace injury is working at Height, particularly for those who have no prior experience working safely at height or are attempting to do the feat without using the right equipment and following the correct procedures. It may seem like a simple task to clear gutters, but it can be very dangerous at Height, particularly if there are unknown residents. It’s also surprising how much debris can accumulate in a gutter and how hard it is to remove.

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Heightsafe is a team of experts with years of experience working at heights. They have completed over 15,000 projects, including hundreds of industrial gutter cleaners. It is dangerous to ignore your blocked gutters. They become more difficult every day that you do not act. As the warm weather gives way to strong winds and heavy rain, a storm is on its way. A severe storm could cause foundation damage, or worse; the gutter could fall on an employee, making you liable. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial gutter cleaning services.

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